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I launched the NOMORESILENCE project with the goal of demonstrating that an individual's battle against the largest adversaries is possible.

My name is Željko Markota. I am a telecommunications ( and edutainment ( entrepreneur from Zagreb, Croatia.

The initiative and project #NOMORESILENCE are initiated by an affected individual, an entrepreneur from Croatia (me), who has exhausted all conventional avenues for resolving the issue. Through this approach, he intends to join forces with the public and citizens of the world, following the principles of public morality and public interest.

NOMORESILENCE is a project organized by an individual to protect his human rights, which were violated by the theft of his money in Croatia by a Large Company* from a Large EU country**, which is also the majority owner of the mentioned company. The theft was carried out through a branch that the mentioned company has in Croatia.

At the time of the mentioned theft/robbery*** in Croatia, the Large Company* was majority-owned by the Large EU country**. The stolen money was deposited by the Large Company* into the state budget account of its owner, the Large EU country**. The Large EU country** was aware that the money it was receiving into its budget was someone else's, stolen money. Legal violence and intimidation were carried out during and after the theft, escalating it into a robbery.

The initiator of this action informed the Large Company* and the country from which it originates about everything, and which was the majority owner at the time of the theft/robbery. The mentioned country refused to return the money or challenge the arguments, thus legitimizing itself as the main party responsible for the said robbery and its consequences.

The described actions of a large and powerful EU member state lent support to the mentioned robbery in Croatia and added a new dimension to it. Namely, it is clear that behind the actions of the company engaged in theft, stands the country of its origin, which was its majority owner at the time of the theft that escalated into an open robbery, with elements of capturing another state, seizing sovereignty from its institutions, and threats to those who oppose it. In such cases, a solution can only come from the global community expressing concern about the described modus operandi of the specific EU member state and its company.

The #NOMORESILENCE project aims to reclaim the stolen money by joining forces with the global public, guided by principles of public morality and public interest, in order to restore a balance of power towards the large EU member state that is funding itself through theft. The initiator of the #NOMORESILENCE project operates on the following assumptions:

  • - For the public in the mentioned EU member state: Citizens of the mentioned Large EU country** neither know, nor would they approve, that the public services provided by their country have been funded from stolen money for over 20 years.
  • - For the global public: After learning about the true ethical profile of the Large EU country** and its Large Company* through the #NOMORESILENCE project, global citizens will use such insights when purchasing products and services from the mentioned country and company, all within the framework of the right to an informed purchasing decision.
  • - The Large EU country** has committed significant and documented illegalities during the expansion of the Large Company* in Croatia and worldwide, which must become known to every citizen of the mentioned country, as well as to all citizens of the world.
  • - In today's globalized world, interconnected through shared trade, media, and social networks, the position of the mentioned EU country and its company is entirely unsustainable. On one hand, they seek to reap the benefits of the global world order built on public morality and respect for others, while on the other hand, they reap the rewards of immorality, robbery, and intimidation.
  • - Through patient and highly detailed correspondence with the mentioned company and its country, the initiator of this project has thoroughly acquainted them with the theft/robbery down to the smallest details, as well as the need for it to be addressed by either challenging the evidence of the theft or returning the stolen funds. The NOMORESILENCE project was also described in detail as a response to their potential silence. Letters were addressed to the most significant individuals, bodies, and institutions in the mentioned company and country, and it can be affirmed that they are reliably and comprehensively informed about everything. As more than a year has passed in this communication, it is necessary to consider that this is not a misunderstanding, and their silence is part of an immoral intent.

This is a one-time action that will conclude with the return of the stolen money. The action may potentially inspire and encourage other individuals to initiate similar actions in cases where they have been harmed by large corporations or countries.

The #NOMORESILENCE project unfolds through individual actions that are arranged in a chronological sequence and interconnected.