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Public Tribunal

The #NOMORESILENCE project is envisioned as a debate in which the Large EU country**, before the eyes of the entire world, confronts the fact that it enjoys the fruits of robbery committed in a small, poor, and friendly EU country without any moral objections. After the previous five actions, citizens of the world will be invited to form their personal judgment based on their insights into the documentation and materials from the previous five actions. The sum of these 'personal judgments' will constitute a sufficient and relevant verdict of the public in the dispute between the individual and the Large EU country**. The idea of a public tribunal arose in response to the difficulties that traditional courts face in cases involving immoral doings of large states. Citizens of the world who follow the public debate will be invited to make symbolic donations in support of the initiator of this project, if they believe that the offered insight into the public morality of the Large country** has been beneficial to them, or if they simply like this project. Learn more...

The Public Tribunal webpage will be available only after the Decoding the Dilemma (DtD) essay writing competition has been completed.